In October, Facebook announced that, after the polls close in the U.S. presidential election on November 3rd, it would temporarily ban all "social issue, electoral or political ads" in the United States in order to "reduce opportunities for confusion or abuse."  Today, Facebook said that advertisers should expect the political advertising ban -- which was originally expected to last about a week -- to continue for another month, "though there may be an opportunity to resume these ads sooner."  

Rob Leathern, Director of Product Management at Facebook, said on Twitter, that, "Everyone on Facebook and Instagram in the US continues to see the labels we've been running on candidate posts saying Biden is the projected winner.  We are keeping the ad pause and other temporary election protection measures in place as that result moves towards certification next month." 

Acknowledging that people are "disappointed" that Facebook isn't accepting advertising for the runoffs in Georgia and elsewhere, Leathern said, "We do not have the technical ability in the short term to enable political ads by state or by advertiser, and we are also committed to giving political advertisers equal access to our tools and services."