The World Federation of Advertisers is urging global marketers to sign up to its new Planet Pledge, which is an initiative designed to "put marketers in a position where they can help lead brands' responses to climate change, encourage efforts across the wider marketing industry and help consumers act more sustainably when using their products and services."  

The Planet Pledge encourages marketers to take action in four key areas:

  • Commit to being a champion for the Race to Zero campaign both internally within their organizations and to encouraging their marketing supply chain to do the same;
  • Scale the capability of marketing organizations to lead for climate action by providing tools and guidance for their marketers and agencies;
  • Harness the power of marketing communications to drive more sustainable consumer behaviors; and
  • Reinforce a trustworthy marketing environment, where sustainability claims can be easily substantiated so that consumers can trust the marketing messages they are presented with as they seek to align their own consumption with their values.

The WFA said that it will also "work with advertising standards bodies worldwide and other relevant stakeholders in order to deliver industry guidance that will preserve trust in the evolving language of environmental claims in a way that enables consumers to make sustainable choices with confidence." 

As part of the launch of the Planet Pledge, WFA CEO Stephan Loerke said, "The Planet Pledge aims to embolden senior marketers to become climate champions both within their companies and with consumers at large and become catalysts for positive change."