We have spent a lot of time on our Professional Responsibility Blog covering how the state and federal courts in New York have adjusted operations as a result of COVID-19, including the use of remote appearances through video and telephone.  But the courts are not the only adjudicative body trying to deal with COVID-19 and balance the need for social distancing with the right of public access to proceedings.

Yesterday, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it issued orders in four proceedings with upcoming hearing dates to permit the public to access the proceedings remotely.  The full announcement reads:

The Federal Trade Commission has issued orders in four administrative litigation proceedings that will allow the public to access the proceedings via telephone or live streaming.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the general public will not be allowed inside the hearing room. In-person access to the hearing room will be limited to 10 people, consisting of the witness, counsel, judicial staff, and the court reporter, and only for the purpose of live witness testimony.

The four proceedings are Axon Enterprise and Safariland; Peabody Energy-Arch Coal; Thomas Jefferson University; and Altria Group/JUUL Labs.

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