Industry members in Serbia recently formed the country's first advertising self-regulatory organization, the National Association for Ethical Advertising Standards (also called, "NAESO"). 

NAESO plans to work with industry, government, and other stakeholders to promote ethical standards in advertising and marketing communications. NAESO Working Group Coordinator Vanda Kučera said, "Establishing a self-regulating body is an important step in regulating relationships in the field of marketing communications and advertising."

In preparation for the launch of the organization, the NAESO working group created a "Marketing Communications Code of Conduct."   NAESO plans to provide advice related to compliance with the Code, address complaints related to Code compliance, and to engage in educational and other activities.  

NAESO Executive Director Jelena Ivanović said, "It is especially important that all who engage in marketing communications recognize the advantages that self-regulation brings with it, and support the development and work of NAESO."

More information about advertising self-regulation around the work is available from the International Council for Advertising Self-Regulation and the European Advertising Standards Alliance.