After being criticized online for its recent social media advertising, Mariner Watches pulled the ads and apologized.  

One post shows a photo of a man holding a woman's neck and pouring what appears to be whiskey down her throat.  The text of the post reads, "Like whiskey and a beautiful woman, you gaze first and then indulge!!"  The other post shows a woman gazing upward while a man holds her around the neck.  The text reads, "Elegance is good taste plus a dash of daring!"

Adweek reported that, after the company was blasted in social media over the ads, it took down its Intagram and Twitter accounts. 

Mariner watches apologized for the ads on Facebook, saying that the ads were posted by one of the company's sellers and were not approved by the company.  Mariner watches wrote, "Mariner Watches strongly supports gender equality, and condemns all forms of violence."