Plaintiff alleges that Champion Petfoods, with its brands Orijen and Acanabrand, "created a niche in the pet food market by claiming that they make “biologically ‘appropriate’ pet food- as close to what animals would eat in nature as possible- and producing it using fresh, natural ingredients.” They then charge a premium for this purportedly higher-quality food.”  However, according to plaintiff's recently-filed complaint in the Western District of Massachusetts, "nowhere in the labeling, advertising, statements, warranties and/or packaging do Defendants disclose that the [pet foods] contain levels of arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium and/or BISPHENOL A (“BPA”) — all known to pose health risks to humans and animals, including dogs and cats."

Thus, according to plaintiff, "Defendants wrongfully capitalized on, and reaped enormous profits from consumers’ strong preference for natural pet food products" while misleading consumers as to the actual quality of the food.

Worse, according to the complaint, the food made plaintiff's rescue dog, Bruce, sick, until plaintiff stopped buying Defendants' products.

The proposed class action seeks injunctive relief barring defendants from marketing the foods as healthy, natural and safe, as well as an order requiring corrective advertising.