Google announced two big advertising-related developments yesterday -- the launch of its new Ads Transparency Center and the release of its 2022 "Ads Safety Report."

Ads Transparency Center

Google's Ads Transparency Center, which began rolling out around the world yesterday, will allow users to be able to see the ads advertisers have run, where in the world the ads ran, the format of the ads, and the date the ads last ran.  The Ads Transparency Center also includes various tools, including tools that allow users to like, block, or report an ad, as well as tools that allow users to customize the types of ads that they see. 

In the announcement of the launch, Google explained that "With the Ads Transparency Center, you’re never in the dark about the ads you see on Google." 

Ads Safety Report

Google also released its 2022 Ads Safety Report, which reports on Google's efforts to ensure that the ads on its platforms are safe and trustworthy. 

Google reported that, in 2022, it removed more than 5.2 billion ads, restricted more than 4.3 billion ads, and suspended more than 6.7 million advertiser accounts.  Some of the main reasons that ads were removed were because they abused the advertising network, violated Google's trademark policies, or violated legal requirements.  Google also said that it blocked or restricted ads from serving on more than 1.5 billion publisher pages.  Google explained that, "thousands of Googlers work around the clock to prevent malicious use of our advertising network and make it safer for people, businesses, and publishers."  

Google also reported that, during 2022, it added or updated 29 advertiser policies, including expanding its financial services verification program, expanding protection for teens, and updating its political advertising policies.  

In addition, Google said that it acted quickly, after the start of the war in Ukraine, to prohibit ads that exploit, dismiss, or condone the war.  Google explained that, in 2022, it blocked more than 17 million ads related to the war in Ukraine.