In mid-December, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it is seeking public comment on proposed revisions to its "Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims."  Today, the FTC announced that it is extending the public comment period until April 24, 2023.  Originally, the public comment period was set to end later this month.  

It's been more than a decade since the Green Guides have been updated.  With evolving technology, and dramatic changes in the ways in which advertisers are making environmental marketing claims, this review of the Green Guides is particularly important.  The FTC is looking at emerging claims, claims about carbon offsets and climate changes, the use of compostable and degradable claims, claims related to recycling and recycled content, and many other issues.  As Lesley Fair explained on the FTC's blog, "We're also interested in research about consumer perception of green claims -- both claims currently addressed in the Guides, as well as others in the marketplace."  

The public comment period is an important opportunity for brands and other interested parties to share their point of view -- and any relevant data and research that they have -- with the FTC.  Now, advertisers have even more time to do so.