Last week, the Federal Trade Commission approved an omnibus resolution authorizing compulsory process in investigations involving the car rental industry.  The resolution was approved by a 3-2 vote, with Commissioners Noah Joshua Phillips and Christine S. Wilson voting no. 

By approving the omnibus resolution, the FTC is authorizing its staff to move forward with investigations into the car rental industry without seeking Commission approval before issuing compulsory process.  The FTC explained that, "Not individually authorizing compulsory process in each matter removes an unnecessary and time-consuming barrier to staff’s pursuit of an investigation." 

The omnibus resolution authorizes FTC staff to investigate, "deceptive or unfair acts or practices in or affecting commerce in the advertising, marketing, promotion, sale, tracking, or distribution of rental cars." 

Last July, the FTC approved several other omnibus resolutions, authorizing investigations into areas such as COVID-19, healthcare, and technology platforms.  And, in September of 2021, the FTC approved several more, approving investigations into areas such as military service members and veterans, children, algorithmic and biometric bias, deceptive and manipulative conduct online, repair restrictions, and abuse of intellectual properly.