The Commissioner of the New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, Lorelei Salas, announced that she is resigning from her post, effective April 30th.  The DCWP is the New York City agency that is primarily responsible for enforcing New York City's consumer protection laws, and is the largest municipal consumer protection agency in the country.  

Salas was originally appointed as Commissioner in May 2016.  There was no announcement of who her replacement will be.  

In a statement, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said, "Lorelei is a champion for both working people and New York City consumers, leading the charge to change the Department of Consumer Affairs into the nation-leading Department of Consumer and Worker Protection.  Lorelei has enhanced the agency's ability to combat inequalities and protect our most vulnerable consumers and workers. I’m immensely proud of everything she has achieved.”

During Commissioner Salas' term as Commissioner, she has focused on a number of issues, including, for example, enforcement related to price gouging, used car dealers, and advertising on the subway.  Under Salas' leadership, the agency also changed its name from the "New York City Department of Consumer Affairs" to the "New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection," to reflect the fact that the City's Office of Labor Policy & Standards was moved to the agency.