Earlier this month, Facebook said that it was extending its ban on "social issue, electoral or political ads" for about another month.  With "Giving Tuesday" coming up, this raised the question of whether charitable organizations -- on one of their most important fundraising days of the year -- would be able to promote giving to their organizations. 

Facebook announced today that it will accept Giving Tuesday advertising, so long as the advertising is non-political.  Facebook spokesperson Rob Leathern said on Twitter that, "Businesses and nonprofits in the U.S. CAN continue running or create new ads that are NOT about social issues, politics or elections. " 

Facebook also updated its help center to give examples of the types of Giving Tuesday advertising that are acceptable.  For example, Giving Tuesday claims that are acceptable on Facebook include: 

  • Make a tax-deductible donation today to celebrate Giving Tuesday.
  • This Giving Tuesday, your gift helps us make our world better.
  • Join us on Giving Tuesday to help those in need find shelter this holiday season.

Claims that Facebook won't accept in Giving Tuesday advertising include things like: 

  • Your donation on this Giving Tuesday helps fight climate change.
  • Donate today to help secure equal access to healthcare for all.
  • Join us on Giving Tuesday and support affordable housing for families in your area.

Leathern encouraged charitable organizations that want to make other types of claims to reach out to their followers through organic posts and other tools.