The Associated Press reported that Instagram deactivated an "asu_covid.parties" account that appeared to promote unsafe parties at Arizona State University.  Instagram took the action after the Arizona Board of Regents sued Facebook, the owner of Instagram, for false advertising and trademark infringement.  

ASU had previously contacted Instagram, asking for the account to be taken down, but Instagram had refused.  In response to the lawsuit, Facebook deactivated the account, saying that it violated Facebook's policies. 

In mid-July, the "asu_covid.parties" account was launched.  The account's first post, which referenced both "Arizona State University" and "ASU," said, "NO MORE SOCIAL DISTANCING.  NO MORE MASKS.  IT IS TIME TO PARTY!" 

The account then began promoting its first party, called "HOAX-19."  The account posted, "OUR FIRST PARTY WILL BE CALLED HOAX-19 BECAUSE THIS IDEA THAT COVID IS ONLY RAMPANT IN AMERICA COMPARED TO OTHER COUNTRIES IS A HOAX!"  Other posts include statements such as, "We will party.  We do not care what you snowflakes say.  COVID-19 is a fat hoax" and "Reminder:  No masks allowed at parties for security reasons.  We have received several threats.  If you wear a mask, you will be removed from the party."  

What are some of Facebook's policies that these posts may violate?  Facebook's community standards prohibit, for example, "people from facilitating, organizing, promoting, or admitting to certain criminal or harmful activities targeted at people, businesses, property or animals."  And, Facebook's advertising policies prohibit, "Ads that make deceptive, false, or unsubstantiated health claims, including such claims relating to cures or prevention for medical conditions related to COVID-19."