The Federal Trade Commission sent a warning letter to two companies that sell hearing aids, charging the companies with falsely representing that they could provide government stimulus money to purchase their products.  

The FTC alleged that Ear to Ear Healthcare and and Zephyr Hearing Aid Center sent out mailers entitled, "CORONA-VIRUS PANDEMIC HEARING AID STIMULUS PACKAGE ANNOUNCED FOR MISSOURI," that falsely promoted that the companies could provide COVID-19 stimulus relief for hearing aids.  The FTC said that the companies' deceptive claims included:

  • “Limited Funds Available. Call Today to Secure Your Stimulus Money. For Stimulus Voucher Appointments, Call Today!”
  • "This HEARING AID STIMULUS will be initially offered through selected hearing aid dispensing practices serving Missouri counties. Missouri residents will receive a $1,000 voucher that can be used toward the purchase of (2) advanced digital technology hearing aids ($500 per hearing aid).”

In the warning letter, the FTC gave the companies 48 hours to address the FTC's concerns.  

Last month, in a separate action, the FTC sued a marketing agency, alleging that the agency created mailers that falsely promoted COVID-19 relief in connection with used car sales.