The New York Attorney General's Office announced that, with the assistance of various domain name registrars, it has shut down more than 20 websites that were promoting coronavirus-related scams.  Last month, the NYAG sent letters to GoDaddy and other domain name registrars asking them to take back domain names that are being used for coronavirus-related scams and fake remedies.  

The NYAG's office said that the registrars have been cooperating with its investigation and have acted quickly to take down numerous domain names after receiving information from the NYAG about illegal and deceptive activity on websites associated with those domain names.  Attorney General James said, "Alongside our partners at different domain registrars, we are working to cleanse the internet of these illegal sites one at a time, but we need all consumers to remain vigilant." 

The NYAG reported that it has worked with the domain name registrars to shut down sites that:

  • Promote fake coronavirus testing kits; 
  • Are phishing for personal information; 
  • Sell fake cures and remedies; 
  • Sell medical supplies and other products but never deliver them; and 
  • Promote fraudulent donation sites. 

The NYAG said that it is not releasing the specific web sites taken down over the last month to avoid drawing attention to them and alerting the individuals behind these illegal operations to the NYAG's investigation.