The Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance just released a report summarizing plain packaging rules for more than seventy jurisdictions around the world -- from Argentina to Zimbabwe. 

The report highlights the fact that many countries now either require plain packaging for tobacco products or have significant restrictions on how tobacco products may be marketed.  A number of other countries are considering implementing new marketing restrictions as well.  Australia was the first country to introduce plain packaging for tobacco products in 2011.   

The report also shows that rules that restrict how brands can be marketed are slowly expanding to cover other categories of products as well, such as food, beverages, and medicines.  For example, in Chile, cartoon characters may not be used on the packaging of HFSS foods targeted to children under age 14, and in the Netherlands, HFSS foods may not use licensed media characters on the packaging.  The report also explains how some jurisdictions require various types of symbols (such as traffic lights) and health warnings to help notify consumers about the risks associated with certain products.