The AICP announced that it has released a revised bid form for commercial production companies to use when bidding for commercial jobs.  The new bid form now integrates production and post-production tasks and categories.  The AICP first introduced its bid form in 1975 in order to help standardize the bidding on commercials.  

The new bid form is a result of an initiative launched by the AICP after it merged with the AICE in January 2018.  In a statement, the AICP said that, "Among its goals were maintaining as much of the pre-existing forms as possible while allowing for diverse bidding approaches where necessary and updating the overall bidding architecture to meet today’s production and post landscape with one clear voice." 

The new bid form includes includes new line items on the top sheet as well as an expanded set of budget sections and lines geared to post production tasks and processes.

Matt Miller, the AICP's President and CEO, said, "Much like the very first AICP Bid Form, our updated version of the harmonized production and post production bid forms is a revolutionary advancement that tracks to the industry’s evolution."