The Federal Trade Commission is seeking public comment on whether it should repeal, amend, or retain the FTC's Guides for Select Leather and Imitation Leather Products.  

First issued in 1996, the Leather Guides address misrepresentations about the composition and characteristics of specific leather and imitation letter products.  The Leather Guides apply to the marketing of products such as luggage, purses, footwear, and belts.  

The Leather Guides say that it is deceptive to misrepresent that a product is leather when it isn't and to misrepresent the characteristics of leather and imitation leather products.  The Leather Guides also provide guidance on the use of terms such as "waterproof," "dustproof," "warpproof," "scuffproof," "scratchproof," "scuff resistant," and "scratch resistant."  

The FTC is seeking comment on whether there is a continuing need for the Leather Guides because of ongoing deceptive practices as well as whether the Leather Guides should be expanded to cover products that are not currently included, such as automotive and furniture upholstery products.

Information about submitting public comments is available here.