The Arizona Attorney General recently sued Mercedes-Benz USA and Daimler, alleging that they defrauded consumers by selling "clean diesel" cars.  

The AG alleged that Mercedes-Benz falsely marketed its BlueTEC vechicles as “the world’s cleanest and most advanced diesel” with “ultra-low emissions, high fuel economy and responsive performance” that emits “up to 30% lower greenhouse-gas emissions than gasoline.”  The AG alleged that although it marketed the vehicles as environmentally conscious, Mercedes-Benz used a defeat device to make its vehicles appear to emit lower levels of pollution than was actually the case.  

The AG's lawsuit seeks restitution and damages for thousands of Arizona consumers who the AG says purchased or leased certain affected diesel vehicles between 2007 and 2016, as well as civil penalties.  Arizona law allows for up to $10,000 in penalties per violation of the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act.