This week, the National Advertising Division announced new filing fees that will take effect on January 1, 2020.  The new fees to bring a challenge are: 

  • Under $250M - $10,000
  • National Partner - $25,000
  • Under $5B - $30,000
  • Over $5B - $35,000
  • NARB - $25,000

Notably, NAD also announced a new fee category, created to "encourage participation from small businesses." The new category will allow business with a gross annual revenue of under $250 million to initiate a challenge for only a $10,000 fee -- less than half that of the fee for a National Partner. 

NAD also provided insight into what's potentially on the horizon for 2020: a new online submission process and a new challenge track for faster resolution of disputes, all intended to "increase the speed and efficiency of the process."