Fashion brand Bstroy sparked outrage after featuring a line of school shooting themed sweatshirts during a fashion show.  The sweatshirts, which appear to have bullet holes in them, identify the locations of some of the worst school shootings in history, including Columbine, Stoneman Douglas, and Sandy Hook. 

According to media reports, the company never intended to sell the sweatshirts.  The company said, "We wanted to make a statement on gun violence and the type of gun violence that needs preventative attention and what its origins are, while also empowering the survivors of tragedy through storytelling in the clothes."  

The company has indicated, however, that it is now considering selling the sweatshirts to the public.  It will be interesting to see whether the company continues to dig in its heels or whether the (not unsurprising) criticism will cause them to apologize and pull back.