Yesterday, Facebook announced that it is rolling out, globally, transparency tools for advertisers who want to place political and issue-related advertising on Facebook. 

As part of Facebook's advertiser authorization process, Facebook confirms the advertiser's ID and allows the advertiser to disclose who is responsible for the advertising, which will appear in the advertising itself.  The advertising is also included in Facebook's Ad Library, along with spending, demographic, and other information about the ad. Facebook said that it already requires that advertisers get authorized, and that disclosures be included, in more than fifty countries and territories, and that it is currently expanding its enforcement. 

Facebook said that it just started systematically reviewing ads in Ukraine and Canada and plans to roll out enforcement in Singapore and Argentina in the next few months. 

Facebook said that, although it is not reviewing political and social advertising in all countries, it "strongly encourage[s] advertisers in those countries to authorize and add the proper disclaimers, especially in a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape." 

In addition, Facebook said that if it is made aware of an advertisement that is in violation of a law, it will "act quickly" to remove it.