The Federal Trade Commission regularly reviews all of its rules and guides to ensure that they stay "relevant and are not overly burdensome."   The FTC publishes its review schedule each year, making adjustments based on public input, changes in the marketplace, and resource demands.  

The FTC announced that, later this year, in intends to begin a review of, and solicit public comments on, the Funeral Industry Practices Rule.

But in much bigger news for advertisers, the FTC said that, in 2020, it plans to conduct a review of the Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.  With so much influencer and consumer review-related enforcement over the last few years, I expect that this review will get a lot of attention from industry.

When the FTC reviews a rule or guide, it seeks public comment on the continuing need for the rule or guide.  Based on the feedback it receives, the FTC may modify or repeal the rule or guide to address public concerns or changed conditions or to reduce undue regulatory burden.