Mikey & Momo, Inc., the makers of Aromaflage perfumes and candles, entered into a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over allegations that the company made false mosquito-repellant claims. 

The FTC said that the company made claims such as, "as effective as 25% Deet over 2.5 hours," "rigorously tested at one of the world’s leading Universities and found to be as effective at repelling mosquitoes as the leading brand,” and “repels mosquitoes that may carry Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya, and Yellow Fever.”  The FTC alleged that these claims were false and were not supported by scientific evidence.

The FTC also alleged that the company promoted its products using what appeared to be independent five-star product reviews, but which were actually written by one of the owners and her relatives.  The FTC said that the product reviews did not disclose the relationship between the reviewers and the company.