Here are some of the key take-aways from the "Getting to 'Shi,' 'Si,' 'Oui,' and "Na'am' for Global Campaigns" panel presented at the 2018 ANA Advertising Law & Public Policy Conference.  I was pleased to moderate a panel of advertising lawyers from around the world -- Carlos Alberto Arroyo del Rio (Ecuador), Jan Ravelingien (Belgium), Fiona Robertson (United Arab Emirates), and Justina Zhang (China).  

The big news is that the UAE just passed a new law affecting the use of social media.  Among other things, the law requires that social media influencers obtain a license before posting content on behalf of brands. 

Some other highlights from the panel include:

  • When making environmental claims in the EU, make sure your claims are very specific and clear -- and not vague or exaggerated.
  • When making "organic" claims in the EU, ensure that you have adequate substantiation.
  • In Latin America, don't assume that countries approach advertising regulation in the same way -- since the laws vary widely.
  • The hot issues in Latin America right now are sweepstakes, misleading advertising, food advertising, and advertising to children.
  • In the Middle East, don't assume that you have to be ultra-conservative with your advertising -- since the range of what is acceptable varies widely by country. 
  • China has revised its advertising laws, so it's important to be aware of the changes.
  • Although there are certain heavily regulated and high risk areas in China, there is still plenty of room for smart marketing.