The New York-based dietary supplement seller, Telomerase Activation Sciences, Inc., and its CEO Noel Patton, have settled charges with the FTC, agreeing to stop making false and unsubstantiated claims for the company's so-called anti-aging products.

The FTC charged the company and its CEO with advertising  -- without scientific support -- that their expensive products were clinically shown to reverse aging, prevent and repair DNA damage, restore aging immune systems, increase bone density, and prevent or reduce the risk of cancer.  

In addition, the FTC charged that the company misrepresented that the company's paid programming on a tv talk show was independent, educational programming.  The complaint also alleges that the company deceptively represented that consumers in its ads were independent unbiased users of the product, when they had actually received free bottles, worth up to $4,000, in exchange for their endorsement.

This settlement underscores FTC's ongoing interest in addressing aggressive unsubstantiated health claims and marketers' use of false formats and any undisclosed material connections with their endorsers.