We frequently get asked for recommendations for conferences and webinars to attend on advertising, intellectual property, and privacy-related issues.  If you're looking for some things to attend this fall, here are some of the programs where we'll be speaking.  If you'd like more information about any of them, please don't hesitate to reach out.  

September 12

Gavin McElroy will be speaking on executive compensation and advertising agency valuation issues at the annual meeting of the Society of Digital Agencies. 

September 13

Brian Murphy will be speaking on "Copyright Law Developments" at the 33rd All Ohio Annual Institute on Intellectual property.  

September 21


Jordyn Milewski, Maria Nava, Katelyn Patton, are Ariel Radow are speaking on advertising law developments at the ANA Legal Affairs Committee meeting.  

September 26

Jeffrey A. Greenbaum will be moderating a webinar, "New Developments in Environmental Marketing Regulation -- Asia Pacific & Middle East," sponsored by the International Advertising Association. 

September 27

Daniel Goldberg will be speaking on "Health Data and Location Tracking:  What You Need to Know And Why You Need to Care" at Adexchanger's Programmatic I/O conference.  

October 5

Caren Decter and Hannah Taylor are presenting a webinar, "Considerations for Terms of Service," sponsored by Frankfurt Kurnit. For more information about this program, please e-mail info@fkks.com.

October 9

Christopher Chase will be speaking at the LawInSport Global Summit 2023.  

October 18

Jeffrey A. Greenbaum will be chairing the 22nd annual "Hot Topics in Advertising & Marketing Law" program at the New York City Bar.  

October 25

Jeffrey A. Greenbaum will be speaking at a webinar, "Hot Topics in Environmental Marketing," sponsored by Lawline. 

October 26

Hannah Taylor is speaking on "The Most Pressing Advertising Issues Facing Retail In-House Counsel Today," at the Retail Industry Leaders Association annual conference.  

November 16

Daniel Goldberg and Hannah Taylor will be presenting "Top 10 Technology Law Issues for Advertising Lawyers" at the 2023 ANA Masters of Advertising Law Conference.

Jeffrey A. Greenbaum, along with members of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance from the Netherlands, Mexico, and Canada, will be presenting, "Hot Topics in Environmental Marketing Around the World" at the 2023 ANA Masters of Advertising Law Conference.

November 17

Brian Murphy will be presenting "Your Make-Up is Terrible:  What Drag Queens Can Teach Advertising Lawyers About IP Protection" at the 2023 ANA Masters of Advertising Law Conference. 


I'm sure other programs will be added in the coming months.  So, please keep an eye on the blog for updates.  We'll look forward to seeing you at these programs, virtually or in person, this fall!