If you have a Business or Creator account on Instagram, the platform's functionality now allows you to age-gate individual social media posts by setting a default minimum age for the post, a minimum age for specific countries, or a combination of both options.

This is great news for alcohol brands, and also for content creators looking to do business with alcohol advertisers.  Up until now, Business and Creators accounts could only age-gate their entire account. Such functionality made it hard for talent posting about alcohol brands, as it required them to age gate their Instagram in order to ensure that their alcohol-related posts reached only viewers over the legal purchase age.  Since many Creators post content about a variety of industries, limiting their whole Instagram reach to a 21+ audience was often undesirable. This new functionality makes these content-creation partnerships much easier for all parties.

If you are on the brand side, now would also be a good time to examine your alcohol related influencer and talent agreements to ensue that you're requiring content creators to age gate Instagram posts appropriately.