The Drum reported that Bosch has pulled a social media post promoting windshield wipers that ran in Singapore, over charges that the ad was sexist.  

The post features a picture of a woman seen through a car's windshield covered in rain, which is being cleaned by a Bosch windshield wiper.  The headline says, "Don't you wish to see this clearly?"  The post -- which also reads, "The best wiper gives you the best view" -- is clearly not referring to the road ahead.  

The Drum reported that a Bosch spokesperson said, "We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind and regret the posting."  

This is yet another example of an advertiser being called out for social media content that is viewed as unacceptable.  It also highlights the fact that concerns about how women (and others) are portrayed is getting more attention globally.  Finally, it's a great reminder to ask some key questions about how your social media content gets created.  Do you have social media guidelines about what is acceptable content?  Do you have a team in place that's been trained to properly represent the brand?  And do you have approval processes in place to help ensure that sexist and other inappropriate content never gets posted?