Are you looking for ways to help battle the use of stereotypes in advertising?  The Unstereotype Alliance is an industry-led initiative convened by UN Women to unite leaders cross business, technology, and creative industries to tackle the issue.  

The Unstereotype Alliance says, "Stereotypes are everywhere; we can't escape them."  The organization -- which is made up of leading advertisers, advertising agencies, and others -- encourages marketers to battle stereotypes through adhering to its Code of Principles. 

According to the Code, marketers should create unstereotyped branded content by:

  • Depicting people as empowered actors; 
  • Refraining from objectifying people; and
  • Portraying progressive and multi-dimensional personalities, not vacuous

The organization is aiming to see significant change by 2020. 

Recently, on International Women's Day, the Unstereotype Alliance released a tool -- the Unstereotype Metric -- to make it easier for marketers to determine if they are using gendered stereotypes in their advertising.