This week, the International Chamber of Commerce launched the 10th edition of its Advertising and Marketing Communications Code.  

The goal of the ICC Marketing Code is to provide guidance "for responsible marketing to ensure legal, honest, decent and truthful communications and practices."  According to the ICC, 42 countries have or are developing national codes based on the ICC Marketing Code. 

Revisions to the ICC Marketing Code include enhanced guidance on distinguishing advertising content from editorial content.  The Code requires that marketing communications be "clearly distinguishable" as marketing content.  In addition, "a communication promoting the sale of a product should not be disguised as, for example, market research, consumer surveys, user generated content, private blogs, private postings on social media or independent reviews." 

Revisions to the ICC Marketing Code also include expanded guidance on the use of digital media, consolidated rules on direct marketing, updated guidance on location-based and interest-based advertising, and updated guidance on advertising directed to children and teenagers.