In a closing letter issued earlier this week, the FTC told Neutral Posture, Inc., a maker of ergonomic seating products and accessories, that, in light of the company's remedial actions and other undisclosed factors, it was closing its investigation into whether Neutral Posture has made misleading "made in USA" claims. 

What remedial actions did the Neutral Posture take in order to convince the FTC not to sue?  According to the FTC's letter, the company: 

  • Stickered over "made in USA" claims on existing marketing materials; 
  • Reprinted marketing materials without "made in USA" claims; 
  • Removed "made in USA" claims from the company's website and social media accounts; and
  • Communicated changes to dealers and third party retailers.

The FTC says that, in order to make "made in USA" claims, the product must be "all or virtually all" made in the United States.